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What is IPTV Restream ?

IPTV Restream with us it means you use our stream with your server and your customer use from your server. Every Stream you need one connection. If you want to have 100 channels you need to buy 100 connections. For example, you buy 100 connections from us, you can put 100 channels on your server and have all customers watch in the same list channels with 100 channels. How many customers can use from your server it is defended on the bandwidth of your server.

Become an IPTV RestreamIn 3 steps

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way is to Skype me at, but if necessary, you may also leave me a message at [email protected], and I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

Get IPTV Panel

To start your IPTV Restream Business: You need to buy xtreams-code license. You have to buy it from the official website: Xtream Codes

Setup Server

Some company has the good server for IPTV:,datapacket If you just start to restreaming and looking for a server, I recommend

Channels & VOD

We have 5000 channels and 8000 VOD for IPTV Restream. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Re-stream means you use my stream by your server and your customers use stream via your server.  

The number of users can use your IPTV service depends on your server bandwidth 

For example, your server has 1Gbps guaranteed-bandwidth about 150 users can watch at the same time. 

Read more about iptv restream

For example: 100 connections that mean you can use 100 channel at the same time

You can pay with skrill, paypal, bitcoin, Western Union, bank transfer(usd) or credit card 

If you want to pay with paypal please tell me your email. i will send invoice to your email 

Write note online marketing fee when payment with bank or skrill.

Please contact Skype for support faster:

  • 10 connections

    50 USD/month
    For example: 100 connections that mean you can use 100 channel at the same time
  • 20 connections

    80 USD/month
  • 50 connections

    150 USD/month
  • 100 connections

    300 USD/month
  • 200 connections

    500 USD/month
  • 300 connections

    700 USD/month
  • 400 connections

    900 USD/ month
  • 500 connections

    1000 USD/month
  • 1000 connections

    1500 USD/month
  • 2000 connections

    2800 USD/month

IPTV Restream

/ /

We have transferred clients to our new web so even you already have a link to restream, please register as restream again. And from now on you can make your payment on Your line will auto-renew, no more invoice link needed.

I know it sounds complicated the first time but no worries, you can follow the guide below.

Notice: If you are already using connections from our server, and you do not want to use the new link it is ok, you still need to register and create a trial. Because our payment system is on  and you need to register on the new web that my system can renew automatically on your account. After creating a trial please contact me, I will help you to change account info to the old one.

  • Register as restream
  • Create a trial to test restream
  • Buy Connections

1. Register for a Restream account

Open up your internet browser and go to
You will now be in the Signup section.

To register as restream, you need to provide your email only.

Step 1: Choose the type of your account.

To start your own IPTV service, you should choose Restream

Step 2: Enter your email on Email section

Step 3: Check I’m not a robot and click on Sign up button

2. Create a the m3u list to test

After register you will receive the email with username and password now you can log in and create trial to test.
Step 1: Click on Add line button to create M3u list
Step 2: Enter IP Address of your server

Please enter IP Address of your server.
The m3u list will work with the IP Address of your server and the IP Address of the Internet you are using now. After making the payment those IP will be deleted automatically from your account then you can use it will any IPs
Then click on the Save changes button to create a line to test. You will have a test line with 10 connections and 2 days to test channel quality.

Note: You need the server and xtream code license to restream. For more information about server and xtream code you can read on our web:

Step 3: Get the m3u list
You can click on the Manage Line button and choose the Download option. Select allowed output formats

There are 2 types of list that is m3u or m3u8. Other formats we do not support.

3 Buy connections

Step 1: Click on the Manage Line button then choose the Extend option
Step 2: On Connections fill in the number of connection you want to buy and choose Extend now option
Connection means channel. For example, if you buy 100 connections you can choose 100 channels from the whole list and put it on your server.
You must buy at least 10 connections
Price for re-stream
10 connections = 50 USD /month
20 connections = 80 USD /month
50 connections = 150 USD/month
100 connections = 300 USD /month
200 connections = 500 USD/month
300 connections = 700 USD/month
400 connections = 900 USD/ month
500 connections = 1000 USD/ month
1000 connections = 1500 USD/ month
2000 connections = 3000 USD/ month
For more details you can check price on our web.
Notes: These prices do not include payment fee yet.
Price for VOD
100 – 1500 = 0.5 USD/VOD
1501 – 3000 = 0.45 USD/VOD
3001 – 5000 = 0.4 USD/VOD
+5001 = 0.35 USD/VOD
You can not buy the connection to restream VOD. With VOD you need to buy it from us and it is a one-time payment.
For more detail please read on

Step 3: Proceed to Payment
Please choose your payment method. You can make your payment with Paypal, Credit card or Bitcoin.
After making payment, your expiry date will be added 30 days more.


Contact Us: LivetvGlobal

Email: [email protected]

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